Andy Panayi Quartet. Andy Panayi (baritone and tenor saxophones), Mark Nightingale (trombone), Simon Woolf (bass) and Mark Taylor (drums).


Andy and Mark are truly outstanding talents and are featured here in a Gerry Mulligan-style piano-less group. Fourteen exhilarating selections; seven from the pen of Bob Brookmeyer and two originals. Top rate support from Woolf and Taylor.

"If there was any justice in the world this Bristish band would be begging for time off." Dave Gelly, The Observer, November 2001. "A breathtaking quality check for British jazz tomorrow." Anthony Troon, Jazz Review, November 2001.

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# Title Composer Time
1. Whooeeee Bob Brookmeyer 3:48
2. Minuet Circa'61 Bob Brookmeyer 5:54
3. Let's Make It Frank Rosolino 3:22
4. What Is There To Say? Vernon Duke 4:39
5. Thump, Thump, Thump Bob Brookmeyer 4:32
6. High Step Barry Harris 5:18
7. Mr. B.G. Mark Nightingale 4:10
8. As Catch Can Gerry Mulligan 3:12
9. Out Goes The Song Andreas Panayi 3:53
10. Carib Bob Brookmeyer 2:22
11. The Wrinkle Bob Brookmeyer 4:10
12. 5021 Thad Jones 6:39
13. Open Country Bob Brookmeyer 3:46
14. Bracket Bob Brookmeyer 3:12